How does the PlasmaTrue bipolar ionizer help clean the air?

For both Aeramax Pro and Personal units:The PlasmaTrue™bipolar ionizer produces clusters of positive and negative (bipolar) ions. These charged ions are dispersed into the air, and electrically charge airborne particles so that they attach to nearby surfaces and to one another andsettle faster. Charging and clustering airborne particles, enhances removal by filtration. Also, the ions react with oxygen and water vapor present in the air to create free radicals. The free radicals, in turn, can create chemical changes.For example, they damage microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, viruses, and molds) and break down odors and VOCs.SOURCE: "Indoor Air Purification Technologies that Allow Reduced Outdoor Air Intake Rates While Maintaining Acceptable Levels of Indoor Air Quality" Cecilia Arzbaecher and Patricia Hurtado, Global Energy Partners, LLC Ammi Amarnath, Electric Power Research Institute