How long do the filters for the air purifier last?

The replacement filter indicators will signal when to replace the HEPA filter(s) and/or carbon filter(s). 

The replacement period will vary depending on the hours of use and air quality. However, under normal operating conditions, filter life is estimated to be the following:

•True HEPA Filter with AeraSafe™ Antimicrobial Treatment has an estimated average filter life of 1 year

 •Activated Carbon Filter with Pre-Filter has an estimated average filter life 3-6 months

•2” HEPA filter: 2 years

•2” carbon filter: 12 –18 months

•Hybrid filter: 1 year

*All figures above vary depending on the cleanliness of your air and how frequently you use your unit.

Please note that the original HEPA filter shipped with the units should be replaced after 12 months.