My shredder will not accept paper and makes a terrible noise. What is wrong?

Cross-cut/Micro-cut shredders require regular oiling of the cutting blades to maintain proper operation. Failure to oil the blades regularly could result in reduced sheet capacity performance, excessive noise during operation, paper jams and possibly shredder failure. It is good practice to oil your shredder every time you empty your basket. 

We recommend using Fellowes Powershred Lubricant #35250, which may be purchased at Wal-Mart, Staples or Office Depot/Office Max, as well as various online locations. Caution: Never use flammable synthetic oil, petroleum-based, or aerosol lubricants to oil the cutting blades. Some agents may be flammable. NEVER USE WD40.

To oil the cutting blades: 

1) From the top of the shredder, squeeze the recommended lubricant across the full width of the blades.
2) Move the power switch to Auto (I) position and allow the blades to run at least 3 seconds.
3) Move the power switch to Reverse (R) position and allow it to run for at least 3 seconds.
4) Repeat steps 2 & 3 above at least three times.