SafeSense® Technology

To test SafeSense® move the power switch to the "on" position. The green ready light should illuminate and the shredder will run for a few seconds and shut off.  This is normal.  Simply touch the shiny chrome area around paper entry throat. The yellow sensor light should turn on, indicating that the SafeSense® feature is working.

If your unit features a SafeSense® override switch and the SafeSense® light is flashing continuously, this indicates that the SafeSense® feature is in the override position.  WARNING: The SafeSense® feature will NOT work when the override switch is activated. Reactivate SafeSense® before you begin to shred.  Use your manual to help locate where the SafeSense® Override switch is located on your model. Once this is located, flip switch to opposite position and re-test using instructions above.  

If your unit does not feature an override switch and the SafeSense® remains on even though you are not touching the entry, please unplug the unit and wipe the entry with a soft dry cloth.  Since SafeSense® is designed to react to warmth, it may activate if it is in a humid environment.  

If the issue persists, please call customer service or click on the Contact Us button below.