Are the wheels on the ELEA suitable for hardwood floors and carpeting?
Yes! Elea’s hub-less casters are designed to roll smoothly and quietly on many surfaces, including hardwood floors and low-pile carpeting.
Can you make adjustments to the ELEA chair while sitting in it?
We suggest it! Making adjustments while sitting in the chair is actually ideal to ensure you find the most comfortable position for you.
Do the arms on the ELEA chair adjust?
In order to accommodate the unique seat suspension (and motion), the arms need to be in a fixed position. Given this requirement, the arms were designed to accommodate the largest percentage of users by positioning them for common preference. 
Does the back of the ELEA chair recline?
Yes! You can even adjust the tilt tension or lock it in to your preferred position. Adjust the tilt tension using the crank on the right side. The tilt tension is highly adjustable to allow you to find the perfect tension for your preferred seating s...
Does the ELEA chair have lumbar support?
Elea’s curvature and soft mesh provide a natural and comfortable lumbar support. Combined with the moving seat pan, the chair provides unparalleled support not found on any other chair. 
Does the ELEA chair height adjust?
The lever located on the right side of the chair allows you to easily adjust the height from 16.9" to 21.3" (from the seat-pan base to the floor) in order to accommodate various desk heights and preferences. 
Does the ELEA chair swivel?
Yes! Swivel all 360 degrees to your heart’s content (or until you’re dizzy) – making it easy to reach various items in your workspace. 
How do I clean the ELEA chair?
We suggest washing any affected surfaces (whether the mesh chair or the body) with a soft cloth (slightly damp), mild detergent, and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with cloth. As well, the chair can easily be dusted with a soft cloth or with a...
How does Elea compare in quality against my current office chair?
The materials are "best in class" with extensive use of aluminum, steel alloys, breathable mesh, and plastic.
Is the ELEA chair considered “ergonomic”?
"Ergonomic" can mean different things to different people. Elea has ergonomic qualities and properties, such as adjustable height and tilt, but it is not a certified ergonomic chair.
What can I expect after sitting in Elea for a few weeks?
A better, more peaceful, world…. Okay, maybe a bit aspirational, but likely true for your "office world." The subtle movements of Elea are best felt over a period of time. After a few weeks, your body will have acclimated to a new w...
What is it like to sit in ELEA?
Other than pure bliss!? Well… although Elea’s design gives the impression that the seat-pan will act like a swing, this is not the experience. Elea provides the stability you’d expect from an office chair, but at a whole new level...
What is the size of the ELEA chair?
 The ELEA is 39.25" H (from the top of the seat back to the floor) x 26"W x 24" D.  The seat pan is 19.62" W x 17.5" D.  The packaging is 42" H x 28" W x 26" D.  ...
What is the warranty on the ELEA?
Elea has a 10-year limited warranty on all products outside of the mesh. The mesh has a 5-year warranty. Should you experience problems with your Elea chair, please reach out to our Customer Support team by calling 1-800-537-1290 or reach out ...
Where can I find my serial number label on the ELEA?
The label is located on the underside of the seat pan. The number is located on the sticker, under the barcode, immediately after the word Elea.
Will ELEA fit me?
Elea is designed to fit all types of people, including anyone up to 6’5" tall and/or 300 lbs. The height and back (tilt) are adjustable to your preference while the rest of the dimensions are designed to accommodate the average user. 
Will ELEA strengthen my core?
Although Elea is not designed for exercise per se, the suspended seat-pan allows movement you don’t normally have in a stagnant chair. So, when you move in the chair, your core muscles are more engaged than sitting stationary.  ...