Why does the paper shredder motor run, but it won’t accept paper?

This may be an indication that there may be damage to the gearing inside the shredder.

With the motor running, carefully look into the mouth of the shredder to see if you can see movement of the cutters at all. If nothing is turning or they are turning intermittently, this can indicate damage to the transfer gear.

If this is the case, you may want to reach out by clicking "Contact Us' below, to determine if replacement gears are available for your shredder and to determine warranty coverage. Normal response from customer service is generally next business day.

For fastest service, please include your serial number in your reply.

If you require immediate assistance, you may call our Powershred hotline at 800-945-4545.  Our office hours are Monday though Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Central Standard Time.