Troubleshooting LED light on Electron

If the LED is not working:

The protective plastic film may be still covering the battery. To operate LED Guide:

o Remove battery and cover

o Remove plastic film

o Reinsert battery and cover

o If the LED Guide is still not operating call Fellowes® customer service

If the LED went out:

It's likely that the battery in the LED Guide is dead. Please try replacing the CR2032 battery located in the cutting carriage handle. To change the battery:

o Slide the cutting carriage to one end, pull (swing) the handle up

o Turn the LED Guide I/O button to O

o Unscrew the battery cap with a coin or screwdriver (left turn opens, right turn closes cover).

o Remove the old battery and replace with a new CR2032 battery.

o Close battery cover.

o Turn the LED Guide I/O button to I