What is CADR, what does it stand for and do all air purifiers have a CADR rating?

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate.  It is a measure of the appliance's ability to reduce smoke, dust, and pollen particles from the air.  The higher the CADR rating your Air Purifier has, the more efficient your air purifier is at removing pollutants.

The CADR rating, tested and reported by AHAM (Association of Household Appliances Manufacturers), is a voluntary certification. All of our Units do have a CADR rating. It is possible to find air purifiers on the market without a CADR rating. But for such products without an AHAM tested CADR rating, the information related to their capacity to clean the air is not reliable.

What are the CADR ratings for the Fellowes® AeraMax™ Air Purifiers?

AeraMax™ 90/100/DX5: 68/65/75 (Smoke/Dust/Pollen)

AeraMax™ 190/200/DX55: 126/129/124 (Smoke/Dust/Pollen)

AeraMax™ 290/300/DX95: 191/196/188 (Smoke/Dust/Pollen)

AeraMax PRO AM2: 82/95/102 (Smoke/Dust/Pollen)

AeraMax PRO AM3/AM3S/AM3 PC/AM3S PC: 225 (Smoke)

AeraMax PRO AM4/AM4S/AM4 PC/AM4S PC: 450 (Smoke)