Which size purifier is recommended based on the square footage of my room or space?

Recommended room size per unit:

  • •AeraMax100, 90, DX5, DB5: 100-200sq.ft
  • •AeraMax 200, 190, DX55, DB55: 200-400sq.ft
  • •AeraMax 300, 290, DX95: 300-600sq.ft
  • •AeraMax PRO AM2:150-250sq.ft
  • •AeraMax PRO AM3/AM3S/AM3 PC/AM3S PC:300-550sq.ft
  • •AeraMax PRO AM4/AM4S/AM4 PC/AM4S PC: 650-1100sq.ft

Either the AM3or AM4 can effectively be used depending on the type of room. Restrooms, break areas, and rooms with higher levels of contaminants should utilize the AM4 which provides higher flow rates. Conference rooms, lobby spaces, and other less used, less contaminated areas can be effectively maintained with lower flow rates provided by the AM3. 

To estimate the coverage needed divide the hourly air delivery rate of the unit by the total cubic feet of the room. Ideally, you will want to exchange the room’s air 5 or more times per hour. For example, the AM3 has an hourly air delivery rate of 13,200 cubic feet (220 cfm x 60), the AM4 is 26,400 (440 cfm x 60).