Do the Lotus Sit Stand Workstations need to be fastened to the desk?

Lotus Sit Stand Workstation 0007901, 0009901 and Lotus DX Sit Stand Workstation 8080301, 8080201:  No, the Lotus was designed as a stand-alone sit stand that can sit on top of the desk and has been BIFMA tested to ensure stability. The workstation should be placed on a flat surface that can accommodate the entire width and depth of the product without overhang.

Lotus VE Sit Stand Workstation 8080101, 8082001:  Yes,  it clamps to the rear of the desk (1” – 3 1/8”) thick.

Lotus RT Sit Stand Workstation 8081501, 8081601, 8081701, 8081801:  Yes, it clamps to the rear of the desk (.75” – 3”) thick.