Sit-Stand Solutions


Can I use my own power supply for my DX Lotus Sit Stand?
No, you must use the power supply provided.
Can the rear USB ports on my Lotus DX charge?
Yes, but it’s going to be slower than the front USB ports. The rear USB ports are best for data transfer devices such as keyboard, mouse or USB Memory Drives.
Can I charge multiple devices at once on the DX Lotus Sit Stand wireless charger?
No, however you can still utilize the USB ports to charge additional devices. The front two USB ports will provide the quickest charge.
Can I charge one device with the wireless charging pad and a USB cable at the same time on my DX Lotus Sit Stand?
Yes, you can but it does not act as a “dual” charge. Your device will automatically pick one charging source (usually USB).
Can I fit two monitors on the top surface of the Lotus™ Sit Stand Workstations?
Lotus Sit Stand Workstations 0007901, 0009901 and Lotus DX Sit Stand Workstations models 8080301,  8080201:  Monitors may have slightly different sized bases and frames, but if you are using a modern monitor from one of the large manufacturers, yo...
Can I leave my phone on the DX Lotus Sit Stand charger forever or do I need to remove?
Yes, it will limit the power once fully charged.
Do I need to remove my phone’s case or any other accessories from my phone when charging wireless (DX Lotus Sit Stand)? E.g. ear phones
Depending on the thickness of the case it may not register. Most thin/normal size cases will work properly. It may be required to remove the case from the phone to get the charger to work. Wireless charging works by distance, and that distance is ve...
Do the Lotus Sit Stand Workstations need to be fastened to the desk?
Lotus Sit Stand Workstation 0007901, 0009901 and Lotus DX Sit Stand Workstation 8080301, 8080201 :   No, the Lotus was designed as a stand-alone sit stand that can sit on top of the desk and has been BIFMA tested to ensure stability. The workstati...
Does my DX Lotus Sit Stand just charge phones or any electronic device enabled with Qi tech?
It is designed for use with phones.
Does the Levado Adjustable Height Desk Base require assembly?
Yes, there is assembly required which should take anywhere from 90 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the table top attachment method you choose.  The Levado base features fold out legs that allow you to lock into place with the patent pending Swift...
Does the Lotus Sit Stand Workstation require assembly?
Lotus Sit Stand Workstation 0007901, 0009901:  No, the workstation comes fully assembled out of the box. Lotus VE Sit Stand Workstation 8080101, 8082001:  Yes, there is limited assembly required which should take anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Ther...
How do I change the Feather-Lift™ control paddle to display inches instead of centimeters?
Press and hold up and down at same time for 10 seconds.
How do I clear the memory on my Feather-Lift™ control paddle?
To clear storage settings, press and hold M button for 8 seconds until CLR displays.
How do I fit my current table top onto the Levado base?
You can use the VersaTop Clamps™ to install your current table top onto the Levado base. Ensure that the table top is 48”-72” wide x 24”-30” deep. Refer to install option 1 in the instruction manual. ...
How do I set the memory on my Feather-Lift™ control paddle?
There are two groups of memory settings, each with two height settings. To toggle between the two users, momentarily press the M button and display will read U1 or U2. Up to four memory stop positions can be used to save specific heights of the work...
How fast does the Levado base adjust in height? Does the speed reduce when more weight is applied?
The height adjusts at 1.4" per second.  There will not be any noticeable difference in speed with additional weight applied.
How long do my cables need to be to ensure the Levado can move freely?
This will depend on your setup. If any of your cables are routing to the floor be sure that they can accommodate the full range of motion up to 48.5”. Refer to Accessory Installation Step 1 in the instruction manual: ...
How long does it take to charge a phone on my Lotus DX - is it same as using a cable?
It’s not a straight answer.  It depends on the size of the phone’s battery, if you’re using it while charging, and the battery level when you start charging (20% life will charge faster than 85% life). See below for estimate per type of phone: ...
How long should the power cables be for items placed on Lotus Sit Stand (0007901, 0009901) or Lotus VE (8080101, 8082001)
Most cable lengths are an average of 6.5ft, which should be sufficient for working when standing; however, it would be important to consider where the power sockets are located.  The Lotus Sit Stand 0007901/0009901 raises 17" and the VE Sit Stand 80...
How much power does the Lotus DX Sit Stand take (voltage)?
How much weight can the Levado Adjustable Height Desk Base hold?
It can hold up to 200lbs including the weight of the table top.
How much weight can the Lotus Sit Stands hold?
The Lotus Sit Stand, Lotus DX and Lotus RT Sit Stands can hold up to 35lbs total; 30lbs on the top platform and 5lbs on the keyboard platform. We would not recommend using the product with less than 10lbs. You can adjust the tension with our patent-...
How noisy is the Levado base?
The Levado base is quiet in operation and has a decibel rating range of 46-48.
How stable is the Lotus sit stand keyboard platform when typing?
Under normal use, the platform is stable. If you want to maximize the durability of the product, please do not lean or apply excessive force to the keyboard platform.
I am concerned the Lotus might damage my desk.
The Lotus Sit/Stand Workstation  Lotus DX  both feature rubber feet that help protect the surface of the desk. The Lotus VE and Lotus RT:  The clamp and platform have rubber/foam pads that help protect the surface of the desk.
I did not line up the velcro properly on my Lotus sit stand and now it’s not usable. Can I have more sent to me?
These are meant for single use as specified in the manual. We have spare parts for purchase that we can supply. You could also go to your local hardware store and purchase adhesive discs (3.5mm).
If my device is charging wirelessly can you still use the USB ports on my DX Lotus Sit Stand?
Yes, if your device is charging wirelessly you can still utilize the USB ports to charge additional devices.
Is assembly required for the Lotus™ Sit Stand Workstations 0007901 and 0009901?
No, the 0007901 and 0009901 workstations comes fully assembled out of the box.
Is wireless charging dangerous?
No, it is not dangerous. Wireless charging is safe. Wireless charging system must follow rules and regulations for electromagnetic interference (EMI/EMC), sometimes also called “radio disturbance”, and magnetic fields. The device will become warm in...
My desk is < 3” thick and the clamp for my RT Lotus Sit Stand won’t fit, what am I doing wrong?
You will need to flip the base clamp by removing the two bolts and reinstalling. Refer to step 1A in the instruction manual. ...
My table top is smaller or larger than 60”. How do I change the width of my Levado base to fit?
Make sure your table top is face down on a soft, clean surface and place base on table. Use the 5mm Allen key to loosen the (8) set screws on the inward side of the cross channels. Expand or contract accordingly until the ends are flush with the tab...
The Levado table isn't level. How do I fix this?
If the table feels unbalanced adjust the (4) levelling pads located on the bottom of the feet. Turn clockwise to lower and counter clockwise to raise. ...
What does a blinking indicator light on my DX Lotus Sit Stand mean?
Foreign object – not a Qi-enabled device is located on the charging pad.
What does the LED indicator light on the front of my DX Lotus Sit Stand mean?
The white light means that your phone is charging.
What is the maximum and minimum height of the Levado?
The three stage legs provide height adjustment from 24.2” to 48.5”.
What is the minimum size of desk required to successfully install the Lotus™ Sit Stand Workstation?
Lotus Sit Stand Workstation 0007901, 0009901 and Lotus DX Sit Stand Workstation 8080301, 8080201 :  The Lotus should be placed on a sturdy, flat surface at least 26.25" deep and 33.75" wide to have sufficient space for the product. Lotus VE Sit ...
What is wireless charging and how does it work on my DX Lotus Sit Stand?
Wireless charging means, as the name suggests, you no longer need to plug a cable into your smartphone to charge it. Simply placing it face up on the charging pad is enough to start charging up your smartphone’s battery. Wireless charging works by t...
What phones are capable of wireless charging without any adapters (Lotus DX)?
Apple iPhone 8, X Samsung Galaxy: S8, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge Microsoft Lumia: 1520, 1020, 930, 929, 928, 920 Google Nexus: 4, 5, 6, 7 (2013) BlackBerry: Priv
What should I do if a part for my Levado Adjustable Height Desk Base is missing, broken or damaged?
Please submit your inquiry by clicking on the Ask a Question button above or call Fellowes Customer Service and we will be glad to assist you: 1.800.955.0959 or 1.800.945.4545, M-F, 7am-7pm CST.
What size monitor does the Lotus RT Sit Stand Workstation hold?
Lotus RT Sit Stand Workstations 8081501, 8081601, 8081701, 8081801:  You can choose between either a single or dual version of the Lotus RT. The single monitor arm holds a monitor up to 27” and 17 lbs. and the dual monitor arm holds a monitor up to...
What size monitor can the Lotus VE Sit Stand Workstation hold?
Lotus VE Sit Stand Workstations 8080101 and 8082001: The only restriction the single monitor version has is the 20lbs weight limit. The Dual version can accommodate up to 25” diagonal screens with combined weight of 20lbs. ...
What size table top does the Levado Adjustable Height Desk Base accommodate?
The Levado Adjustable Height Desk Base accommodates table tops 48"-72" wide x 24"-30" deep.
Why can’t I use the USB on the front of my DX Lotus Sit Stand for USB Memory Drives or Mice and Keyboard ?
The front is only for charging - no data transfer.. You can plug the device into the two rear USB ports which do allow data transfer.
Why is the download speed slow when using the two rear UBS ports on my DX Lotus Sit Stand?
If you are using Windows 10, this is a known issue with all devices. The download speeds are significantly slow no matter what USB port you use (even directly into the computer). This is not an issue with the Lotus DX, but rather with Windows 10. ...
Will wireless charging affect my battery performance?
No. Follow all proper charging procedures outlined in the manual.