Foot Rests


Can the Heat and Slide Footrest get wet (i.e. if my shoes were wet from snow)?
Water, melting snow, or other liquids would give off vapor as the liquid evaporated.  Once all the liquid evaporates, any odor or vapor would cease.  The electronics are shielded from any liquids.  The unit can not be submerged.
Does the 8030901 Climate Control Footrest have an automatic shut down feature?
Yes, there is an 8 hour auto-shut off feature on the 8030901 Climate Control Footrest.
How hot does the 8030901 Climate Control Footrest get?
A. Working at high setting 250W: highest temp of air output 65°C (149°F) B. Working at low setting 125W: highest temp of air output 50°C (122°F)
How many amps does the 8030901 Climate Control Footrest pull?
The Climate Control Footrest pulls 2.083 amps
How many watts does the 8030901 Climate Control Footrest use?
The Climate Control Footrest uses 250W max on high setting and 125W on low setting.
Is the Climate Control Footrest Energy Star Rated?
In regards to Energy Star regulation, the product is considered as a "Space Heater", but the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) does not currently label space heaters as Energy Star qualified/qualifiable products.
Is the 8030901 Climate Control Footrest certified?
The 8030901 Climate Control Footrest is ETL certified. A product bearing the ETL Listed Mark is determined to have met the minimum requirements of prescribed product safety standards. Moreover, the mark indicates that the manufacturer's producti...
What does the red flashing light indicate on my Climate Control Footrest?
When the red light is flashing, it could indicate one of two things: 1. The product is equipped with an eight hour shut-off feature and once it has reached eight hours, the fan stops and the red light flashes.  Switch the product to "off&...
What kind of plug is included with the 8030901 Climate Control Footrest?  
The Climate Control Footrest has a 2 conductor, ungrounded plug.
What would happen if something fell through the holes on top of my 8030901 Climate Control Footrest and got inside of the product?
Dust or crumbs should not cause smoke and definitely not fire.  The heater is low wattage and will not get remarkably hot.  The fan will also blow dust back out that has fallen into the product.  Normal heaters that are in the market ...
Will the Climate Control Footrest automatically cut off if it is knocked over?
The short answer is No. But this heater has four safety features: 1) It has a design that is not flat on the top or bottom. This allows air to circulate even when upside down. 2) It has an internal thermostat. This will keep the unit from overheatin...