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Are Fellowes surge protectors UL approved?
Yes, all Fellowes surge protectors are UL approved.
Can Fellowes surge protectors be used outside the United States?
Only if the country operates on 110-125V, 50Hz to 60Hz frequency and a maximum of 15 Amps. The surge protector cannot be used in countries that use different voltage or frequencies - even if an outlet converter is used.
Can Fellowes' surge protectors be used with refrigerators and heaters?
No. We do not recommend using our surge protectors with appliances or heaters.
Do Fellowes' surge protectors work when turned off?
Yes. The MOV resistor inside the surge protector will still divert electricity even when the surge protector is turned off.
Do Fellowes' surge protectors cover lightning strikes?
Fellowes surge protectors will prevent damage from distant lightning strikes. No brand of surge protection can realistically offer protection from nearby strikes due to the massive amounts of electricity generated in even a small lightning strike. H...
Do Fellowes' surge protectors work in LAN environments?
They will protect the individual workstations in a network, but they do not have connectors to actually plug the LAN network into the surge.
What does Fellowes' connected equipment warranty cover?
The connected equipment warranty will protect any device that is plugged into a Fellowes Surge protector from damage due to any type of power surge including distant lightning strikes. The connected equipment warranty is for five years from the pur...
What does Fellowes surge protector product warranty cover?
Defects in material and workmanship in the surge protector itself. An example might be a broken part or frayed wire within the warranty period.
What does joule rating mean?
The joule rating measures the amount of electricity that the MOV or combined MOV's inside the surge protector can safely divert away from connected equipment. Again, the higher the Joule Rating the more electricity the surge protector can safely...
What does the surge light mean?
The surge light monitors the MOV to make sure that it is still able to divert power surges away from connected equipment. When the surge light is on, the surge protector is offering surge protection. If the surge light is off, this means that the s...
What does the wiring indicator light mean?
The Wiring Indicator monitors the wiring in the wall behind the outlet. If the wiring is correct in the wall, the wire light will remain illuminated throughout the life of the surge protector. If the wiring light is off this indicates that there may...
What is a joule?
A joule (J) is the unit of energy used in the International System of Units (S I). For surge protectors, the higher the Joule Rating, the higher level of protection the surge protector offers.
What is clamping?
The voltage at which a surge suppressor performs its suppression tasks such as diverting the power line to ground or absorbing the excessive energy. For 120-volt AC power, the clamping voltage is around 135 volts. For 5 volt DC systems, the clamping...
What type/size of screws should be used when wall mounting the 99036 6 outlet surge protector?
All Fellowes Surge Protectors that have screw slots on the back can use #8 self tapping screws. The most common are pan head or flat head depending on the opening on the Surge Protector. Pan Head are good for the surges with smaller openings. Flat...
Why do I need a higher joule rating on my surge protector?
The higher the joule rating, the less likely the unit will be damaged by low level power fluctuations in the power line. It will also give you a higher connected equipment warranty should anything ever happen to your equipment.
Why do I need a phone connection on my surge protector?
You can receive a surge through your phone as well as through your wall outlet. Having the additional phone line protection will prevent damage to your phone or computer modem.
Why do some surge protectors offer Coaxial and Phone connections?
A power surge can come through any type of connection. Devices such as modems will be plugged into a power source, as well as a phone or cable line. In order to fully protect the equipment, all sources of power entering the equipment should be plugg...
Is it acceptable to plug a surge into a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?
No.  This is called daisy chaining and the surge protector will not be able to protect your device(s) properly.  All surge protectors must be plugged directly into a wall outlet.
How do I replace the battery in my UPS?
The UPS battery has an average life span of about 2 years depending on how often the unit is put into use during the power outages. Often, when the battery is getting low, the UPS will beep or have a blinking light.  If you believe your battery...
What does the flashing and beeping mean on a UPS?
A slow beep and flash means that the battery is in use and will slowly increase as the battery wears down. A rapid beep and flash when you first plug in your devices to be backed-up means that you are drawing too much power from that unit.
What does the software do for the UPS?
The software allows you to monitor the status of the UPS from your computer. It also allows you to save documents and shutdown your system if you are away from your terminal should the power be interrupted.