I have an older Fellowes Shredder with a detachable power supply and it has been lost/broken. Can I replace this with the universal power supply?

All Fellowes Personal shredders with a removable power cord (dated from the 90s or early 2000s), have been discontinued and the replacement power supply is no longer available.

In the original product design, Fellowes Shredders with the removable cord had thermal overload protection built in the adapter to prevent the shredder from overheating.

Often, our customers ask us about the power specifications on their older units so that they may attempt to replace with a universal power supply. Because universal power supplies do not come equipped with thermal over load protection and increase the risk of over heat, this poses a fire hazard and the potential for product damage.

Putting it simply, it is dangerous to use universal power supplies and Fellowes cannot in good service provide power specifications for this reason. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Fellowes encourages you to contact one of our shredder experts to help you replace your older model shredder from our current product line. We are confident that with recent innovations in product performance and safety, that you will be more satisfied in purchasing a new Fellowes Shredder that meets your needs.