Replacement Parts - Discontinued Shredder

Fellowes generally tries to order enough parts for any given machine that we will be able to supply replacement parts for approximately 5 years after the model has been discontinued. This will vary slightly by model (commercial machines will have parts for much longer time period).

This does not mean if your shredder is over 5 years old that we do not have parts, nor does it mean that if your shredder is less than 5 years old we will carry a specific part.

However, if you need a replacement part for an older model shredder that you believe to be discontinued, send us an email by clicking "Contact US"  to have a shredder expert check the availability of the part needed.

For fastest service, please provide the following:

- detailed description of the part needed

- serial number (located on the bottom of the shredder head or on the front edge of the head - below the bar code)

- parent part number or CRC#, located on the same sticker.

Fellowes Customer Service normal response time is typically next business day.