Shredder Stops Running While Shredding

There are several reasons this may have occurred. Review these troubleshooting options:

1) The shredder has exceeded the maximum continuous run time and requires a “cool-down” time. Wait 30-60 minutes to allow the shredder to cool off and try to shred again. (The shredder may cool down sooner and begin to work again.)

2) The shredder is jammed. To clear a jam follow these steps:
a) Move the power switch to the reverse (R) position. (If the wastebasket is full, empty it before clearing the jam.) The shredder will reverse the paper to clear the jam.
b) If the shredder jams in reverse, move the power switch to auto (I) and allow to run for about five seconds. If jam does not clear, move power switch to reverse (R) again and allow to run for about five seconds. Repeat this procedure until the jam is cleared. If necessary, use care to grasp the paper at the top of the shredder and pull out to clear the jam.

3) If you have a shredder with the SafeSense® feature and touched the metal around the paper entry slot, it will stop and the light will come on.

4) If the solutions above did not solve the problem, please call us at 800-955-0959 and a trained representative will be happy to troubleshoot this problem further or explain your in-warranty and out-of-warranty options.