Can I get my Fellowes paper shredder repaired or purchase parts for it?

Many of the Fellowes personal shredders (small shredders that can fit under a desk) are repairable and will have parts available. If you would like to check your model shredder to determine if parts are available, please click the "Contact Us" tab below, and advise the model of shredder, the shredder's serial number and a description of the part needed. The serial number will be located on the bottom side or front edge of the shredder head - below the bar code.

*** Please note: If your shredder is still within the warranty period, we ask that you do not open your shredder until speaking with a Fellowes Representative, as opening the unit may void your warranty.***

Fellowes office/commercial shredders (large shredders that cannot fit under a desk) are repairable and parts will most likely be available. Please do not try to repair the shredder yourself or you will void your warranty. Some of the models included in the office shredder line are 125i series, 225i series, 325i series, 425i Series, 485i series, etc.

To order replacement parts, request service, or if your model shredder is not listed, please click "Contact Us" below  to ask us about your shredder. *** Please be sure to include your serial number from your shredder for the fastest service ***.  Our response time is typically within 24 business hours.

For immediate assistance, please call 1-800-945-4545.  Our office hours are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday Central Standard time.